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Triple Performance Sports is a full-service sports events organization and consultancy that combines a long experience in sports with organizing and customer experience. Triple Performance organizes and consults endurance sports events for various international clients. The Challenge Almere-Amsterdam – Europe’s oldest triathlon on the long distance – is the company’s showpiece.

Clients Triple Performance Sports

Challenge Almere-Amsterdam

The Challenge Almere-Amsterdam (also known as Holland Triathlon) is the oldest long distance triathlon in Europe. In this classic race, participants cover a 3,8 kilometer swim course, 180 kilometer bike course, and 42,2 kilometer run course. Since 1983, the race starts and finishes in Almere. The course stretches out over the reclaimed polders of Flevoland.

Every year, about 2.500 athletes participate in the Challenge Almere-Amsterdam. In 2014, the event had an economic impact in the province of Flevoland of about 1 million euro.

The Triple Performance Sports UA team forms the executive management of this event since 2008.


Challenge Family

Challenge Family is a global series of long distance triathlons that is changing the face of iron distance racing around the world. Featuring spectacular courses in iconic destinations, Challenge Family events focus on delivering the race of a lifetime to athletes of all ages and abilities, and creating a memorable spectator experience that captures all the excitement and emotion of this inspirational sport.

Renowned the world over for their memorable events, the Challenge Family currently features 40 long distance triathlons in some of the most stunning locations in the world. When Challenge Family choses its race locations, it goes for the course which will provide athletes with the best race experience and their event partners, sponsors, and athletes are all part of the Challenge Family, all united by the passion we share for our sport.

Stichting Start2Finish

Since 2008, members of the Foundation Start2Finish are involved in the organization of races in Almere’s Triathlon Circuit. These races are, among others, the KidneyRun Almere and its predecessor Ten Miles. Furthermore, the team organizes events ranging from triathlons to the Olympic distance and a SwimRun in and around the Beatrix Park in Almere.

Many Dutch Championships have been organized under the flag of Almere’s Triathlon Circuit. Furthermore, the triathlon is part of the 1st Division Triathlon since 2013. Members of Start2Finish have been involved in the organization of the Challenge Almere-Amsterdam for many years as well.


Employees Triple Performance Sports

Richard Belderok

Race Director / Safety

Belderok (1983) is a triathlete since 1995 and Long Distance Triathlon Finisher in 2005 and 2008. He started with the organization of endurance events (i.e. Running, Cycling, Triathlon and Vertical Running) and various National Championships in 2008. He joined Stichting Holland Triathlon in 2010 to organize the Almere ETU Premium Cup, and became Race Director in that organization for the Long Distance the following year. This evolved into the function of board member and Race Director since the start of Challenge Almere-Amsterdam in 2013.

Richard obtained his Bachelor’s degree in ICT in 2005 from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Richard has over seven years of experience in ICT consultancy, and assists companies by implementing IT solutions. He is eager to streamline business processes, maintains an overview in complex situations, and works structured and meticulous.

Tim Moria


Moria (1988) is a triathlete since 1998 and Long Distance Triathlon Finisher in 2011. As a child he always supported triathletes at different triathlons and that is one of the reasons his love for the sport was growing all over the years.

After studying journalism, Moria has worked for years as a journalist at the Gooi- en Eemlander and Almere Vandaag. Thanks to this job as (sports)reporter, he also see the other sides of the triathlon. For many years he was reporter at the race, talking to both professional and amateur triathletes and to provide the best possible picture of the event.

In may 2017 Moria switched to Triple Performance Sports, where he is responsible for the communication around Challenge Almere-Amsterdam, but also for the communication around the other events of Start2Finish. Moria is responsible for the social media plans, the communication with press, writing press and news releases and the publication schedules. Of course, Moria will still write reports of our events for our website and social media channels.

Jefry Visser

Operational Director / Race Area

Visser (1986) is a triathlete since 1996 and a Full-Distance Triathlon Finisher in 2009. He started organizing endurance events (Running, Cycling, Triathlon and Vertical Running) in 2008. Jefry joined Stichting Holland triathlon in 2010 to organize the Almere European Premium Cup. Afterwards, he became technical Manager in the organization for the Full-Distance. Jefry became a board member and the Event Director from the start of Challenge Almere-Amsterdam.

Jefry is a professional in youth care. He received a Master’s degree in Orthopedagogiek (Pedagogy) in 2010 from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Currently, he is responsible for crisis care of youth with severe behavior problems and their network. Jefry is a good observer and experienced in interview techniques. He enjoys to put forward new ideas and to turn those into policy.

Christiaan de Jong

Junior Eventmanager

De Jong (1994) is a huge sports enthusiast. From an early age he follows practically all sports and keeps the smallest facts. In addition to watching sports, he also enthusiastically practices several sports. He played Football for a long time and played volleyball for a several years. When De Jong went to secondary school, a predilection for cycling arose and his own bicycle was purchased. A few years later he ran his first 10 kilometers, followed by participation in several running events (including the Rotterdam Marathon).

During his study ‘Sport, Management en Ondernemen’ he came into contact with triathlon sport; Love at first sight. Through a final internship at the World Championship Triathlon in Rotterdam, he then rolled into the world of triathlon and events. From this background he is now working as Junior Event Manager.

From his training in sport, De Jong has a lot of knowledge about the specific processes within sport and events. In addition, he is strong in motivating others. He dares to take others into the planning process in order to always come up with new insights and to create commitment among those involved.

Jort Vlam

Commercial director / Communication / Sponsoring

Vlam (1982) is a triathlete since 1992 (sleeping 2001-2007), and Full-Distance Triathlon Finisher in 2012. He witnessed the first World Championships LD in Almere in 1988 as a 5 year old child and refused to leave the stadium before the last athlete had finished. He has been volunteering in the Almere triathlon organization and other sport events since 1994 in different capacities. He became a board member to save the legacy of Almere together with Richard and Jefry at the end of 2012 and is the commercial director since the start of Challenge Almere-Amsterdam.

Jort is a professional in the theater and entertainment industry. He obtained his Master’s degree in Theater Studies at the University of Amsterdam in 2004. He has been working  in various managing, financial and marketing functions. From 2009-2012, he was financial and business manager of theater company Suburbia (Almere), where he was responsible for finance, marketing, contracts and HRM, including their touring productions as well as open air events on different locations. In 2013 the time arrived for a new challenge, so Jort quit his job and founded his own company Triple Performance in order to combine freelance jobs with starting-up Challenge Almere-Amsterdam. From that moment on he is the managing director of the Dutch association of independent theater producers (who together hold a marketshare of 60% of the professional theater performances in the Netherlands). Furthermore, he worked for different clients in the Media & Entertainment Industries like Music Media & More and EcolandTV. From March 2015, Jort is also interim managing director of the National Theater Fund. Its main focuses are stimulating big touring theater productions and developing a national promotional campaign for the Dutch theater industry. Jort is always looking for (new) opportunities, has a good political sense, is eager to learn, is quick in analyzing and able to see the bigger picture. Jort is curious as to organizations and structures: the people, their motivations and their interests. He likes to bring ideas and people together.

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