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Triple Performance assists various inspiring clients in, among others, promoting interests of the commercial theater producers in the Netherlands, managing the Nationaal Theater Fonds (National Theater Fund), and other projects.

Clients Triple Performance Culture

Vereniging Vrije Theater Producenten

The Vereniging Vrije Theater Producenten (Association of Independent Theater Producers), in short VVTP, consists of seventeen theater and music producers, which together account for circa 70% of the professional entertainment for the Dutch stage. Since 2000, the VVTP strives towards a productive collaboration between unsubsidized producers of theater, music, cabaret, musical, opera, and other stage entertainment.

The association expects this collaboration to have a stimulating effect on the development of extraordinary theater and music productions. Furthermore, the association promotes collective interests of its members in areas such as legal regulations concerning terms of employment, social security, ARBO-policy, and payment of royalties. Quality and professionalism are important conditions for the activities of the members.

Jort Vlam is managing director of the VVTP


Nationaal Theater Fonds

Since its foundation in 2013, the Nationaal Theater Fonds (National Theater Fund) contributes to various projects and theater productions with the help of donations. These contributions vary from financial aid for large-scale theater productions to aid initiatives that promote the theater sector.

Jort Vlam is managing director of the Nationaal Theater Fonds

Music Media & More

Music Media & More is a fast growing media company that takes care of production, format development, editing, sales, and development of various tv and online broadcast stations. Music Media & More is involved in, Brava, Ecoland, and many new media platforms.

Employees Triple Performance Culture

Jort Vlam

Managing director

Jort received his Master’s degree in Theatre Studies from the University of Amsterdam and subsequently followed courses in financial management, marketing, and labor law at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. As an independent, Jort has worked for several theater companies as producer or publicity officer. Near the end of 2009, Jort became financial director of theater company Suburbia. Together with artistic manager Albert Lubbers, he produced national tours as well as location productions in Almere and the province of Flevoland. After they were able to fight off large-scale cutbacks in the theater sector, Jort decided to take on a new challenge. He founded Triple Performance in 2013.

From that moment on he is the managing director of the Dutch association of independent theater producers (who together hold a marketshare of 70% of the professional theater performances in the Netherlands). Furthermore, he worked for different clients in the Media & Entertainment Industries like Music Media & More and EcolandTV. From March 2015, Jort is also managing director of the National Theater Fund. Its main focuses are stimulating big touring theater productions and developing a national promotional campaign for the Dutch theater industry.

Jort gained management experience in his roles as chairman of Stichting Nieuw Almeers Peil, treasurer of Stichting DOCA (managing directors of Almere’s cultural institutions), board member of Stichting Holland Triathlon, and the Stichting Arbo en Podiumkunsten. In his spare time, Jort is a triathlete; he finished Almere’s long distance triathlon in 2012. In 2015 he ran de New York Marathon voor Broadway Impact.

Ilona Jonkman

Management assistence

Ilona received her bachelor degree of Arts and Economics from the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. During her studies, she was involved in 3FM Serious Request 2014, IT’s Festival 2016 and Theatre Hotel Courage. She did an internship at Theater de Tamboer in Hoogeveen, Van Engelenburg Theaterproducties and at DommelGraaf & Cornelissen Entertainment.

In July 2017 she graduated with her research in dealing with the effect of the Wet werk en zekerheid and de Wet DBA for the theater producer.

For Triple Performance, Ilona will work for the Vereniging Vrije Theaterproducenten (VVTP) and the Nationaal Theater Fonds (NTF).

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