Since 2010, the theater that scores best on various criteria according to the members of the Vereniging Vrije Theater Producenten (VVTP, Association of Independent Theater Producers) wins the VVTP Theater of the Year Award. This award is presented to the winning theater during the annual VVTP Theater Convention. The award consists of a specially made theater chair, designed by Carla Janssen-Höfelt.

All members of the VVTP are asked, together with their actors, technicians, producers, and office personnel, to evaluate theaters in the Netherlands. All theaters are assessed on the basis of, among others, the functioning of the marketing department, finances, technicians, but also on more subjective criteria like hospitality and involvement with actors and the theater as profession. Love and passion for theater combined with a high degree of professionalism are key factors in deciding which theater wins.

Furthermore, VVTP-members assess the functionality and look of, for example, the website of the theater and the building, the quality of welcoming visitors, hospitality, financial processes, etc.

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