About Triple Performance

Jort Vlam founded Triple Performance in 2013. Together with management assistant and communications specialist Ciska Borsboom, we carry out assignments for various institutions and organizations in the sectors culture, media, and sports.  In December 2015, Jefry Visser, Richard Belderok, and Jort Vlam decided to formalize their close collaboration and founded Triple Performance Sports to organize various sports events.

Triple Performance Culture

Triple Performance was founded by Jort Vlam in 2013, and provides services in the areas of management, organization, and consultancy in the cultural sector. Triple Performance assists various inspiring clients in, among others, promoting interests of commercial theater producers in the Netherlands, managing the Nationaal Theater Fonds (National Theater Fund), and other projects.

Triple Performance Sports UA

Triple Performance Sports combines a long experience in sports with organizing and customer experience in a full-service sports events organization, and consultancy. Triple Performance organizes and consults endurance sports events for various international clients. The Challenge Almere-Amsterdam – Europe’s oldest triathlon on the long distance – is the company’s showpiece.

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